• What is Project 5PP?

    Project 5PP [five point protocol] is a collaborative effort to promote community awareness and use of the NADA method . This community model utilizes ear point placed by 5PP specialists to provide relief in humanitarian disasters, and for those suffering from PTSD, cravings, addictions, insomnia and anxiety just to name a few. We serve the Veteran population, refugees, inmates, rehab patients, those in shelters and any other group of persons in need of the many benefits of the 5 point protocol.


    Project 5PP is new, but our techniques are ancient and proven.

  • Beautifully simple, dramatically effective

    Ear acupuncture for emotional trauma healing

    Ears are for more than listening

    Whether you have post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD], insomnia, anxiety, disaster or suffer from addictions [cigarettes, drugs], 5PP can help. This video demonstrates the virtually pain-free technique.



    "I was skeptical at first but everyone I talked to said (acupuncture) helped. I became a believer." --Former Attorney General Janet Reno, who oversaw the First NADA Acupuncture “Metro Dade” Drug Court program in Miami


    [credit to NADA publication 'A Pioneer and Partner for Drug Court Programs Since The First Drug Courts in 1989']

  • 5PP = NADA

    We always strive for the best.

    The Five Point Protocol is the same as the NADA protocol.

    National Acupuncture Detoxification Association [NADA] is the amazing organization that was created out of Dr Michael Smith's brilliant work at the Lincoln Recovery Center in the 1970s. NADA promotes the use of acupuncture for recovery and provides education, training and resources to its members worldwide. Please visit their website below for more information.



  • Project 5PP

    reaching out for you...

    We are new, but 5PP is not! Here's what we are up to.....


    Our protocol can help those emotionally devastated by disaster

    Project 5PP understands the lifelong emotional impact of trauma and disaster. This is why we exist. With years of experience in disaster relief and trauma, our partners have seen the immediate and after-effects of what you are experiencing. Simple, painless and effective techniques exist to help. We look forward to finding ways to bring our services and skills to those suffering in Texas and Louisiana.

    Free Veteran Clinics

    Relief for Haywood County, NC

    Please click here to go to our Healing Invisible Wounds clinic information pages to learn of dates, location and general information. We hope to see you there...space limited, first come first serve! Free for Veterans who get first priority, also free for Active Duty Military if space allows. Military family is also welcome and treated at a 75% discount [$10 each].


    We look forward to helping you in a very small way that can never repay our debt for your service.


    LOCATION: http://waynesvillewellness.com/

    Waynesville Wellness :
    Acupuncture & Massage
    1384 Sulphur Springs Rd
    Waynesville, NC 28786

    Chaos in Chios

    The Syrian refugee crisis and camps

    With our sponsoring nonprofit, AiMIN, Project 5PP will travel to Lesvos and Chios, Greece to help treat refugees. The Five Point Protocol is perfectly suited and developed for humanitarian crises such as this tragic current event. With your generous support and donations from wonderful organizations such as Lhasa Oms, we will provide the 5PP protocol to crisis volunteers and patients alike.

    Project 5PP Honors our

    Active Duty Military

    Special benefits for active military and Veterans

    Project 5PP values the health of our military for all that they and their families have sacrificed for our great nation. In tribute, our champion nonprofit, AiMIN, is taking donations for care packages hand picked and made for the 1st Battallion Army Rangers. Donate below to this on-going project or contact us at 5PP4relief@gmail.com for more ways to help.



    * Winter Surprise 2015 filled with individual packets of goodies and sundries for 12

    * Easter Box 2016 filled with candy and toy surprises for 15

    * PreDeployment 2016 care packages filled with sundries and supplies needed as we pray for our brave heroes.

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  • Help us bring MORE Relief

    Your tax-deductible donation to our sponsor organization, AiMIN, will be applied towards 5PP. AiMIN [Aid for Medically Indigent] is a 501c3 registered public charity providing crisis care to those most in need. They proudly support Project 5PP as part of their outreach. Donate for Project 5PP or contact us at 5PP4relief@gmail.com if you would like your generosity to be shared with a different project, like Recognizing Rangers. Thank you and God Bless.

  • 100% of our shop proceeds benefits those in need

    Your purchases help us provide the 5PP to Vets, in humanitarian relief efforts around the world as well as to those at home in need.


    Swarovski crystal ear acupressure seeds- multiple packages
    $5.00 - $112.00
    All profits go to fund our charitable acupuncture for Vets and anyone suffering from PTSD, insomnia, addictions and pain.

    Swarovski crystal pellets on clear adhesive cover the 24k gold plated ear pellet. Fashionably holistic! A great way to extend the effect of your acupuncture treatment or simply to look fantastic. Order kits with tweezers and guides, or just the refill pa

    Our staff uses these and find they last for weeks, even through
    Please see the fotos section for more pictures.
    Select an option
    Coming soon
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  • Why ear acupuncture?

    New applications, ancient techniques

    The ear holds a map of the entire body

    A similar brain-mapping is well known to physicians 

    The ear holds a microsystem, or map, of the entire body. Auriculotherapy, ear acupuncture, utilizes this established microsystem to diagnose and treat a multitude of illnesses. In experienced hands, tiny needles or semi-permanent beads are placed in specific points to achieve predictable results. Save, virtually pain-free and effective, auriculotherapy is the cornerstone of 5PP.

    5PP is ear acupuncture for relief

    Cravings, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, addiction

    Community acupuncture means that your treatment is given in the setting of a group of patients where all can benefit from the phenomenon known as 'group chi'. As the treatment works, the entire group benefits from the relaxation of those around them. It is a quiet, barrier free setting where the needles do the work and nothing more. There are no expectations and you are in control to determine how much of the treatment you choose.  We advocate this treatment to be performed only by trained specialists.

    Research proven, utilized worldwide

    Read for yourself, then decide if it is for you

    Yale School of Medicine utilizes the protocol, as do many other renowned locations such as the US Air Force. Drug courts often mandate this treatment. Click here for more articles on 5PP

  • 5PP- the five point protocol based on the NADA model

    NADA [National Acupuncture Detoxification Association]

    advocates this no-nonsense, non-verbal, pharmaceutical free, and barrier-free approach for the road to recovery

  • Auricular Acupuncture 

    in Action

    Different applications, same treatment worldwide, consistently and effectively

    An example 5PP treatment

    Typically most effective in the group setting, this is a close-up of what you might expect in your treatment.

    5PP for stress relief

    After disasters including 9/11 and Katrina, this protocol was successfully used for firefighters

    Around the world it has been effective in such settings as post-Pakistan earthquake and at the Burmese refugee camp.

    5PP for Veterans

    Many of our locations will provide free treatments for veterans...stay tuned

    The details on 5PP

    A nice video explaining a brief background into why ear acupuncture, and specifically 5PP/NADA works

    Ear acupuncture in the news

    5PP in the news

    Martika uses 5PP during meditation and yoga

    As an Acudetox Specialist, Martika uses 5PP to help herself and patients.

    NADA Int'l Conference 2015

    Sara Bursac speaks at the Norway NADA Int'l Conference in 2015

    Psychiatrist and past NADA President speaks on NADA

    Dr Kenneth Carter speaks at the Int'l Conference about his use of 5PP/NADA for relapse prevention.

    NADA India uses 5PP in jail

    At the Sabarmati jail in India,NADA was enlisted to teach personnel how to use 5PP to prevent recidivism amongst prisoners.

  • Healing

    Invisible Wounds

    Free acupuncture clinics

    for Haywood County Veterans

    and Active Duty Military

    [Family welcome at 75% discount = $10]


  • Upcoming clinic schedule

    We look forward to seeing and hope you find relief, finally.

  • Clinic Happenings

    Our clinic policy and documents

    First things First!

    We minimize rules to allow you to be in control. For individual and group safety, we do have some guidelines.

    1- Please bring documentation that demonstrates active duty, honorable or other-than-honorable discharge. Veterans and active duty military will have first priority. Space available we are happy to treat family members that join you, for a 75% reduced rate of $10 each.


    2- First come first serve, space limited


    3- This can be a very powerful experience so please eat before you arrive.


    4- As we are concerned for everyone's safety and strive to create a peaceful environment, anyone who appears to be affected by medications, alcohol or drugs will be invited to return at the next clinic when their symptoms are not severe.


    5- If you have severe symptoms and thoughts of hurting yourself or others, please call 911 immediately.

    Step 1- Introduction

    You will be greated by Dr Linda Sparks who will check your military ID and get you registered with your valued-patient number.

    Step 2- Consent and Prep

    Then you will proceed to read and sign the consent, ask any questions and prep your ears at the prep station!

    Step 3- Treatment...What to expect

    Some tips on the experience

    * After registering and signing consent you will be seated in a group who may have already have started the 5PP.

    * Many people do not feel the needles being inserted, others may feel a very brief sting

    * Once placed, the points may feel warm or tingling..THIS IS GOOD!

    * It is common to feel sleepy or fall asleep

    * It is equally common to feel nothing, but the NEEDLES ARE WORKING!

    * Over the next couple days you should notice improved symptoms, but are welcome to return for more treatments to increase the benefit.

    * As your energy channels are cleared and unblocked, you may feel excessive 'energy' in the form of insomnia or mild headache for the first day. This is also good as it tells us blocked channels are opening. Further treatments will like be even more helpful and better tolerated

    * If you desire, after your points are removed, you may have a non-penetrating adhesive ear seed placed behind the ear that serves as an acupressure point which you may gently massage several times a day to continue the effect of your treatment.

    Step 4- Survey

    Please help us deliver the best care we can by completing the survey. We are all ears!

    SleepMix Tea

    To prolong the relaxing benefits after the clinic


    Project5PP supports the use of Nutracontrol's SleepMix Tea by offering it free to our Veterans and active duty military. It was "formulated in the early 1970s especially for use in conjunction with the Five Point Protocol [aka NADA protocol] and may help;

    • treat sleep disorders
    • as an integral part of drug & alcohol detox programs
    • people in high stress environments
    • hyperactive children and adults
    • chronic anxiety
    • chronic pain
    • daily stress and anxiety.

    Sleepmix can be taken during the day for stress relief and one or two cups at bedtime for better quality sleep. Sleepmix is a pleasant-tasting herb tea, and can be used on a continual basis. It does not contain caffeine.

    *Sleepmix has not been approved by the FDA, and Nutracontrol makes no claims as to the efficacy of its product. All content presented on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnose. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this or any other supplement or herbal product." courtesy https://nutracontrol.wordpress.com/

  • Sponsor a Veteran,

    Earn a tax deduction

    Each treatment costs $40, however our Veterans receive them free. Your generous support help keep this much-needed service available to those who served us honorably.

  • Our generous partners

    Without these players, the clinics would not exist. 

    We are so grateful. 

    Click on their logo for more information.


    Our parent organization, a 501c3 not for profit public charity

    Dr Lisa Flora is a local Emergency Room Physician, Medical Acupuncturist and founder of AiMIN. Visit our website for other projects at AidForMedicallyIndigent.com.

    Blue Ridge Natural Health

    Waynesville based natural healing

    Dr Linda Sparks, is a naturopathic physician, humanitarian and future acupuncturist! Learn about her skills at Blue RIdge Natural Health.

    Waynesville Wellness

    Waynesville Acupuncture and Massage

    Waynesville Wellness is our generous donor of space, without which this service would not be possible.

    Veterans of Foreign Wars

    Waynesville Auxilliary Post 5202

    We are grateful for the Waynesville VFW Auxilliary for providing nourishment for our clinic participants!

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  • Project 5PP and the MRC

    photo courtesy Renee Barsa, LAc and the MRC relief efforts

    Who are the Medical Reserve Corps?

    We are YOU!

    "The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a national network of volunteers, organized locally to improve the health and safety of their communities. The MRC network comprises 989 community-based units and almost 200,000 volunteers located throughout the United States and its territories.

    MRC volunteers include medical and public health professionals, as well as other community members without healthcare backgrounds. MRC units engage these volunteers to strengthen public health, improve emergency response capabilities and build community resiliency. They prepare for and respond to natural disasters, such as wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, and floods, as well as other emergencies affecting public health, such as disease outbreaks. They frequently contribute to community health activities that promote healthy habits."

    MRC home page


    In spring 2009, national leaders of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) and the American Red Cross signed a Joint Letter outlining the value of the relationship between the two volunteer response entities and detailing how they might work together.

    Project 5PP works with the MRC/Red Cross

    NEW!  A proposed acupuncture division in NC



    In western North Carolina, Project 5PP is instrumental in bringing this protocol to local MRC teams to be able to better serve our mountain population. 


    With tentative approval to move forwards, Project 5PP was contacted by the MRC to respond immediately to a local tragedy that affected 3 western NC counties in the spring of 2016.  In collaboration with Asheville's Mission Memorial Hospital, Project 5PP's Dr Lisa treated 18 paramedics in the first 2 clinics and has 2 more clinics scheduled.


    Stay tuned and keep us in your prayers as we meet with regional MRC directors in August to formalize this important effort for our greater community!


    MRC responds with the Five Point Protocol in Colorado and California mass disasters

    How 5PP started in the MRC

    In 2012, Colorado acupuncturists responded to victims of Colorado wildfires and provided hundreds of 5PP treatments to help. Again, they selflessly responded to the Boulder floods the following year. Their efforts led to the eventual start of the first ever federally-approved acupuncture division in the Colorado MRC. The Five Point Protocol [aka NADA protocol] is the only non-pharmacologic method to rapidly treat large numbers suffering from emotional trauma. Victims and volunteers alike are at risk and in need of this vital service.


    Acupuncture divisions of the MRC are now starting all over, including Santa Barbara after the devastating wildfires left our own Renee Barsa realizing there was a need. Her pioneering efforts led to the creation of the division in California.

  • Project 5PP is global!

    The sky is the only limit

    Project 5pp joins Acupuncturists Without Borders

    Our Project 5PP founder, Dr Lisa, is pleased to join forces with Acupuncturists Without Borders [AWB]. Through AiMIN's Chaos in Chios project to aid the refugee crisis in Greece, Dr Lisa made groundbreaking efforts into this market for trauma healing through 5PP acupuncture. AWB's incredibly gracious support of translated documents and clinic supplies was an investment in our mutual future. They have since taken the effort to new levels by providing trauma healing in Idomene and Ritsona, treating hundreds of emotionally devastated refugees in Greece.


    In 2016, Project 5PP travelled to Israel to join AWB in on-going trauma healing training. New friends, new techniques..a bright future together!


  • We are 100% supported by the public

    Our parent organization, AiMIN is a 501c3 tax deductible public charity. AiMIN has no paid staff and all volunteers donate their time graciously. We stay small and keep our overhead low, unlike those larger organizations with lavish expense accounts. But we rely upon YOUR generosity to help us keep these programs alive for those in need. Thank you for you loving support of our programs.


    "Not that I seek the gift itself,

    but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit


    Philippians 4:17